June 5, 2006

Yesterday I attained our prom. It was really fun, I danced a lot with different people. Someone held a speech: I want to cheer for The Pirate Bay to show our support, and also state: The struggle against the swedish AntiPiracyBureau continues! Everyone screamed and raised their glasses in a cheer.


Behind bars- conceptual trailer

June 1, 2006

Today I got working!
So now I got the conceptual trailer for “Behind bars” up, and ready to be downloaded!
Get it here: bbconcept.ogg .
As usual it is encoded using the theora codec, so all windows and mac user should view it with VLC .

Life in red

May 30, 2006

Yesterday, I finished my video project. I want you to be able to watch it, so right now I’m encoding it, we’ll see if I can manage to publish it somehere around. is an great alternative right now.

Nope, haven’t been able to publish it. But I did encode it in theora. And it was simple! It really got down in size, too: from 900mb to 14mb. No big quality difference. Wonderful, aint it? You can obtain the whole thing here:(right click, “Save as…) Life in red.ogg . If you’re using windows (of any sort) or Mac (of any sort) I suggest that you view it in VLC.


May 28, 2006

Right now I've been working on some interesting projects. I'm working on a short film wich we have created differently from other short films.

Let me explain. First we intervjued 2 persons. We started to mix their voices and tried to make it seem like they were talking. We didn't manage to, but almost. Then we added some music. The ogg-file can be downloaded here: Tarkhil-Audio.ogg . The lyrics are in swedish and the music we used is John Zorn– The Sicilian Clan. Right now I'm working on the footage. I like it, cause there isn't any structures at all, it just flows the way it want to. We'll see if this turns out any good at all. Here you can see some footage: Tor in red.
This is what I'm working on today.

I've got some other great news; soon I will be quitting school, and maybe I will move to the capitol of sweden in autumn. Exciting!

1st May

April 24, 2006

I'm in stockholm at the moment. I went here to participate in the 1st may demonstrations and fiests.I had a great time during 1st of may. I lived with my ex-girlfriend. Right now we are defining and evaluating different forms of relationships, it is really exciting.

During the evenining of May the 1st, Peppbrigaden and Gatans Parlament arranged a street party called 'Reclaim the city'. It is a great oppurtunity for people like me (thiefs, lovers, workers, urban kids, graffiti writers and exploited) to reclaim space from big corporations and from the state. And so we did. We attacked a police car trying to sneak into the party. Tens of people jump-kicked it and opened the back-door so the police had to accelerate in panic to avoid getting kicked out of the car. Great 🙂 !